Varieties Of Bed Bug Treatment Options – The Pros and Cons

There are available hundreds of bed bug treatment options that help you get rid of the bugs in a quick and effective manner. But if it is bed bug infestation, you don’t have time to ponder and decide which treatment would be effective and which will not?

You always look for the treatment that is fast and effective and helps you get your life back on track. To help you decide which pest control Dubai is right for you, you should know the advantages and disadvantages together with the information in detail.

When you’re ready to schedule a treatment, you should look for reliable and trustworthy pest control companies Dubai who have a team of certified professionals. But, if you want to purchase a DIY product and rent equipment from approved providers.

Heat Treatments

Pros – This treatment is quick and is sure to show its effect within 12-24 hours. Great for small, medium or spread out infestations, it is effective in killing the bugs at each stage of the cycle.

You also don’t need to pretreat the items or rooms and is safe and ecofriendly and is free from all sort of chemicals. Usually, one treatment is all you need to get rid of the bed bugs.

Cons –Unlike other treatment options, heat treatments for bed bugs are more expensive. You need to buy large heaters and fans that are damn expensive.

You need a team of skilled professionals to carry out the treatment. The heat sensitive item may suffer damage if proper care isn’t done before the treatment.

Chemical Treatments

Pros – Approximately 68% of all people choose chemical treatments because it is a pocket friendly approach. The treatments are carried out quickly and show some good effect. It is a great treatment followed up by the heat treatment together with other treatment methods of pest control Dubai.

Cons –Usually the chemical based treatments do not kill eggs as a consequence “recurring” infestations occur. Before the infestation finally goes off, multiple professional treatment sessions are required.

Bed bugs do not end with chemicals such as off the shelf varieties. These chemicals can also result in allergic reactions, illness and other serious health effects.

Furniture or Mattress Encasements

Pros – The encasements are affordable to buy and can be purchased online or from a brick and mortar store.  They are sure to provide instant relief against the bed bug bites. They are popular because they lock the existing allergens, bed bugs and bed bugs eggs. They keep the furniture clean and protect against infestations in the storage unit. Saves you from throwing the furniture away.

Cons – The biggest drawback of using the encasements is that sometimes it takes months to kill the bed bugs. They do not kill the bed bugs living in the carpets, behind walls or in any unused furniture. It reduces the look and feel of your furniture upto some extent.

Off the shelf DIY treatment

Pros – The biggest advantage of using dust, foggers and off the shelf DIY treatment is that they can easily be bought from a brick and mortar hardware store and never burns a hole in your pocket. This means they are affordable.

Cons – The major drawback of the dust, foggers and off the shelf DIY treatment is that it might be possible that infestations can spread to other areas. There are substances which are not tried and tested, therefore are completely ineffective on bed bugs.

It is also recommended to know in detail about the products and treatments so as to prevent health risks. The time span to kill bed bugs can take a month or so. Chemicals can result in dangerous and fatal health risks.

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While all the treatment is very much effective, they are often very disruptive to your home over an extended period of time. The professionals specializing in pest control services Dubai need to have a great deal of knowledge and years of experience.

At the same time, it’s not possible to treat all surfaces with pesticides such as clothes, electronics, bedding and surfaces that humans commonly come in contact with. Because, not all surfaces can be treated, therefore you need to discard few or many items if they have been infested by the pests.


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