People always get muddled when it comes to differentiating these two terms, video resumes and video interviews.

Mistakenly, these two terms are thought to be interchangeable by many. They aren’t.

Even my friends and colleagues who have been into the recruiting profession for a large number of years do not find any variance between the two.

Do you sail in the same category?

If yes, then, you must read ahead.

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Let’s dive deep into the modern process of talent acquisition to understand it in a more elaborative manner.

Video Resume

A video resume is like reading the hard copy of CV and getting it recorded in the video format.

But you can stand out from the rest by highlighting your level of expertise and build an optimal impression with your great interpersonal communication skill.

No “ummmm” or any pause that you take in the F2F interview 😉 as this pre-recorded interviewing facilitates in making a resume which is impeccable.

  • Video resumes are created by the candidates searching for their prospective jobs.
  • A video resume is a perfect tool by which you can showcase your qualifications, interests, and working experience to the people on a hiring spree.
  • A webcam or a video camera is used for recording the video.
  • The video has been recorded by the candidates residing in diverse geographical locations.

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Video Interview

The video interview saves an ample time of the recruiters which earlier gets wasted with the traditional form of interviewing and even cuts down the traveling expense to a greater extent.

  • A video interview occurs between an employer and a candidate via video-enabled
  • The employer can watch you’re your real-time video, e., the interaction of the employer and the candidate happens simultaneously on the go.
  • The employer can also see your pre-recorded video interview (video interview is completed from the candidate’s end then the recruiter view that recorded video).

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Needless to mention that the introduction of the video interviewing technology has taken the recruiting industry by storm!

Video interviewing provision renders an equal opportunity for both the employers and the job seekers to find the right talent and the best job respectively.

Are you still sticking to the old methodology for the interview process?

If yes then it is a high time to bid adieu to this process and replace it with an online video software that maximizes the chances of hiring a good candidate which is an asset for the organization.

We hope that this piece of writing will help you figure out the actual differences between the two concepts of video resume and video interview in a better way!

Don’t forget to post your comments and tell me what do you feel about the two? Do you prefer one over the other and what may be the reasons for that?

We would love to hear from you all!

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