VRF Systems: Why Are They So Popular?

Ventilation and air conditioning is one of the basic necessities of houses nowadays. Be it a home or an office, it is not possible to feel comfortable without a good ventilation and air conditioning system; especially if your location is Dubai which is well known for its luxury, infrastructure and harsh weather as well. There are many types of systems, all have their own good and bad sides; and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing in life is 100% good; if there is good, there is bad as well, and same goes with ventilation systems. However, our topic is related to air conditioning systems here, so let’s focus on that only; we can talk about life in any other blog, isn’t it?

If we take a look at the market, there are a lot of options available. You can easily find contracting Companies in UAE that can help you find one for you and get it installed in your home or office building. However, one of the most popular air conditioning systems, nowadays, is VRF. You can get in touch with any of the leading electromechanical Companies in Dubai and know more about the system and figure out how suitable it is for your place. Here, we have given a brief of the same so that you can understand why they are so popular these days.

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What Is A VRF System? 

A variable refrigerant flow system, popular as VRF system, is a type of air conditioning system in which flow of refrigerant can be varied as per the demand of indoor units. The ability to control the refrigerant supply make this system an ideal choice for the ones who are looking for an air conditioning system suitable for varying load applications or zoning. If you have similar requirements, you can opt for a VRF system; facility Management Companies in UAE can help you with the same. In case, you want to explore more about these systems, here you go:

They Operate Quite Quietly

If you are tired of the conventional air conditioning systems that make a lot of noise and looking for a better option, you can go for VRF systems. The condensing unit, which is louder, is installed outside the building; and the air handlers, that are quieter and smaller are connected to the central unit. So, you won’t have to face in issue of loud AC system disrupting your business. Who doesn’t want to work in an office that is quiet and peaceful? Everyone does, isn’t it?

Forget Discomfort Even For A Moment

If you are looking for consistent comfort without any disruption, there is nothing better than a VRF system. The system comes with the ability to identify the requirements and supply the refrigerant in the needed amount to each zone; and the accuracy is just awesome! Doing so, the system eliminates the hot and cold spots or humidity issues, and ensures a great level of comfort. If you own a business, the system can help you promote your productivity. You can search for contractors in Dubai and get one installed for your office.

Space Is Not A Bar

Another great advantage of a VRF system is the super compact size and its flexibility to fit into any area, big or small. The system travels in a very light manner and you won’t need a large space for maintenance room or service. No hefty pipes are used to circulate fluids and no water pumps are required to operate the system. The system is very easy to install and it doesn’t ask much of your space as well. In fact, it takes a very small space, thus leaving more free area for your use. Also, the systems usually don’t require ducts and make use of smaller air handlers, it offers more flexibility which makes it ideal for people who don’t like ductwork into their high ceilings.

The Systems Are Energy Efficient

Is there anything better than not causing a harm to the environment? VRF systems help you with the same! As the system supplies only the required amount of coolant, it consumes comparatively lesser energy which makes it one of the most energy efficient systems used for air conditioning.

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