What Is A Seedbox and Why You Need It?

When downloading torrent files, most of the people have a concern. They all are worried about their privacy.

Their worries are not unreasonable because torrents with their huge peer-to-peer traffic can check every internet activity of yours.

So, you can understand why people fear while downloading the torrent files.

Is there not any way to avoid this fear?

There is and that way is taking the help of the seedbox. The seedbox with some tools is capable of protecting your data being checked by unwanted sources.

You may question, what is this seedbox?

A remote server with a public IP address at a high-speed data center is used

A seedbox is a remote server at a high-speed data center with a public IP address that is used to ensure safe downloading and uploading of files using torrents at very high speeds. The speed ranges from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. Once you have the seedbox, you can download and transfer just anything anonymously.

In other words, you get some share on a computer with a superfast internet connection. The sole function of the computer is to upload and download files.

Many benefits are there of downloading torrents using a seedbox. In this post, I will share some of them with you. Here are they.

The download speed increases

Seedboxes are the inside data centers with high-speed internet connections, so they increase the download speed of the internet heavily. So, the download time reduces excessively. The file that would take a couple of minutes in process can process in just a few seconds with seedboxes. One more thing, SSD seedboxes are faster than seedboxes, so they increase the upload and download speed faster than that of seedboxes. With SSD seedboxes, you can download a complete TV series in almost less than a minute.

However, one important thing to note here is, the speed of the download will very much depend upon your internet connection as well. If your internet connection is very slow then the download or upload time may increase a bit.


You may receive several legal notices asking you to stop downloading torrents. This happens because you are not following the BitTorrent protocol monitored from your home IP address.

The use of seedboxes make this difficult for torrents to be tracked and targeted. Most of the seedbox providers give VPN services with the seedbox that further helps you hide your internet usage.

You may be thinking why copyright agencies cannot track your activities on the web. They cannot do this because they do not allow anybody to use public trackers that most of the agencies keep monitoring to get information regarding the infringers.

So, if you want to avoid unwanted disputes from copyright agencies, you should take a seedbox.


With a seedbox, you can easily maintain the ratio of your uploads as well as downloads. Every seedbox comes with a large hard drive. You can download any file using a private tracker and later leave the file on the seedbox uploading. So, the ratio remains maintained.

Internet Service Providers or ISPs –

If the internet service provider, whose services you are using, assumes that you are using their bandwidth overly, so they down your internet connection speed. A seedbox helps you in this as well. When you decide to download torrents, this would be better to take seedbox. The seedbox avoids it by not using traffic on your internet service providers.


The best thing of using the seedbox is their being convenient. If you start loading any heavy file, the speed of your system is not affected. What is more, it is very easy to use and you can manage it remotely.

So, if you want to use torrents and have a better experience with them, you must think about using a seedbox.

Impressed by the features described of seedbox and want to take one for you? You have thought the right thing. Now, where can you get one for you?

Getting a seedbox is not much difficult. To take seedbox, you simply need to visit the website of Ultra Seed Box, check the plans, and make your selection. If you have any questions then you can talk to them and they will help you select the right product for your needs.

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