What will be the best wood flooring choice for your bedroom?

Looking for the best wood flooring option for your bedroom? It is a completely personal matter and choice. What you like the most is the best choice for your bedroom. However, if you have not decided anything yet and looking for ideas that can help you make your choice, you have come to the right place because this blog will discuss some of the best flooring choices and that information will be quite helpful in decision making.


Walnut, a dark and open grained wood, is believed to be one the best flooring options. Walnut’s rich texture makes it a better choice for your bedroom. Its dark shades and intricate texture look awesome. It served you for many decades. When it comes to its installation, you need not put extra effort for it. In simple words, it can easily be installed. It is moisture and insects resistant. What is more, its maintenance is quite reasonable, so you need not worry of it. However, black walnut is vulnerable to scuffs and scratches, and you need to apply sealant to the seal of the floor after every four to five years.


If you love classic styles, this is perhaps the best choice for you. This can set your floor apart from those of your acquaintances. Moreover, this can properly deal with humidity and variations in temperature. So, if you are living in any such area where humidity and extreme temperature changes are normal, this is perhaps the best choice. When it comes to durability, it is unmatched. You cannot do any comparison. Oak provides you endless choices since it is available in great varieties. However, it is prone to scuffs and scratches like Walnut and needs to be refinished if suffered these. If you use it, you need to lay down a carpet on it since it is noisy that unnecessarily distracts people in your home, even you are also get distracted by the movements of others when you are doing something serious.

Brazilian Cherry

This will give an exotic touch to your bedroom. This is believed to be the hardest flooring option. It is highly durable, as can serve you for many decades. However, this is not suitable for the rooms having high humidity. If your bedroom does not have humidity and you are installing it, then you need to be a little more serious since improper installation might result in undesired damages.


Mahogany looks pretty. This will make your bedroom a vibrant place. It can serve you lifetime. It is fade resistant so it will not fade with time. It can absorb the sunlight. The sunlight makes it darker, so spots of dust, debris, pet pees… become quite visible and you have to clean the floor to remove them. There are several woods that are being sold with the name of Mahogany, so you need to be careful in this regard. Mahogany woods are expensive and if you get that at cheap price then you should immediately understand you are not buying the right thing.


Eucalyptus plant is one of the fastest growing tree species. You can expect a great variety when it comes to Eucalyptus flooring because more than 700 species of eucalyptus trees are found. If you go for this flooring option, then you can get the durability of oak and the texture of mahogany.


Bamboo is a quite famous flooring option because of its cheap cost and sustainability. It adds style to your bedroom. This makes your bedroom a green place. Moreover, it has a natural resistance to water damage. Next, it is quite easy to maintain. It is not the right choice for you if you are living in a high humidity area because the moisture in the air can result in plumps. At the same time, it is not right choice for you if you are living in the area with dry environment because in that the bamboo will crack.


This is an elegant flooring option for your bedroom because this is one of the most sought after floor options. This can add elegance to your bedroom. This is highly durable so can serve you for decades.


Cork is a great floor option for you. The best thing about going with this flooring option is it is harvested from the bark of cork oaks. So, no tree is compromised. So, by going for it you cooperate those who are fighting for our environment.

These are just some of the options. There are several that we have not touched in the blog; otherwise, the blog length would have gone quite high and you might lose your interest in it. Now, if you find your option from these ones that is simply great, or you can approach a reliable flooring solutions provider around you. He would tell you regarding the best flooring option available.

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